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To Dr Junig

I hope you remember me, I'm the one who asked about taking Xanax for 13yrs would be considered an addiction?
You answered in such a way if I considered it an addiction due to the tolerance of the drug.  O.K. my dr gave me 14 pills instead of 30 for the month.  I went ballistic!!!! went back to the office and demand more.
I got more.   But had the dr given me a substitute like valium or librium then I would be O.K.
My question is: didn't the dr make a poor choice in giving me 14 pills??
If I did nothing and at the point needed it, I could have had a seizure couldn't I ???  
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Ripley this is not the doctors forum he does not answer questions over here .You have to go to the doctors forums.
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I'm just here because I couldn't figure out if you were serious with your question there.  I will just comment that tolerance alone does not equal 'addiction'.  Tolerance is a part of 'physical dependence', which happens with many non-addicting drugs-- including effexor or beta blockers.  The term addiction is probably the same as what psychiatrists call 'substance dependence', which you can find criteria for by googling 'dsm criteria for benzodiazepine dependence' or for whatever substance you are concerned about.  

As for the rest of your question, changing from one mg of Xanax per day to one every other day wouldn't probably cause a seizure-- unless the person took all 14 tabs of Xanax in the first three days and then stopped completely-- which is not at all uncommon.
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