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xanex cold turkey side affects

i need help, i have been shaky, confused, paranoid and anxious, insomina and psyciatic

i stoped taking it by myself weeks agao and the side affects started 11 days ago
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keep it up you are on the road to freedom!!!   get some vitimins in you exercise as much as you can.  great job worst part is over.
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I sent this as a PM but others may be helped by the info.
Check out benzobuddies.com (I think) There is way more exchange of info on benzo's there. Also, lostmarbles said to PM her about benzo questions, so you might try that too.
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it can be exteremly dangerous to stop benzos cold turkey...a friend of mine landed herself in  the hospital with a stroke and now has life long complications from it, you are NOT supposed to do this cold turkey, please do a slow taper, it could be your life at stake, no joke!
read this medhelp post please!


also go to benzo dot org dot uk
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Do be careful.  As much as we all want to be clean, we have to be here to enjoy it.  Coming ct off xanax is very dangerous...
Lots of people on here can help.  Benzos were never my doc.  
Widh you all the best abd goos luck.  Keep posting, this forum is great,
steven & murphy
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