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yay klonapin!

my doc just called in a perscription called klonapin to help me wean off of xanax, since weaning off of xanax by itself is too hard....i get too shakey and agitated and it's not really fair the way i treat my husband and kids when im like this, so lets hope the klonapin will help with the withdrwal symptoms while i wean off from xanax starting tomarrow. Wish me luck :)
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Good luck with the Klonopin. It is also addictive so be careful. It will help you with the Xanax from what I've heard.
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how much xanax are/were you taking?
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I am currently taking 60 mg of Cymbalta and 2 grams (1 morning - 1 night) of Xanax.

I do experience depression and panic/anxiety.  How can I wean off of the drugs and get help for the depression, etc. without medication.  I feel that the drugs are making me worse (anti-social, fear, weight gain, poor attitude and loss of any ambition to do anything but lay around).

I desperately need help.

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let me tell you one thing..........don't c/t off of cymbalta.........i did and i ended up in the er.
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