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quitting amphetemine addiction

have you any advice for minimising withdrawls from a long-time ( daily for last 4 years ) addiction to methamphetemines. I have come to the realisation that it is time to take back control of my being as I am not getting any younger and not nearly the thrill it was in my youth. I have had an ongoing relationship with this demon and a few others throughtout my life fom my teens to where i am now, nearly fifty. Frankly detoxing scares the *&#%  out of me. I 've been down this road once before, cold turkey,but that was 10 years ago and my memories of those three long painfull weeks are to say the least not at all pleasant. Here I am 10 years later at that same fork in the road only this time having the sense to ask for directions. So if there is anything that will help me in the task ahead of me I would greatly appreciate it.
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I applaud your will to become drug free.  The road ahead is not an easy one, but with determination and strength of conviction it can be done.
While the withdrawal in itself may not be dangerous, withdrawal symptoms are usual with heavy use and relapse is common.  Methamphetamine-induced hyperstimulation of pleasure pathways can lead to depression and fatigue months after you stop using.  It is possible that daily amino acids L-tyrosine and L-5HTP/tryptophan can help in your recovery by making it easier for the body to reverse the depletion of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Tell your family that you were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and need help for a while if yo need to explain your condition and stop using.  Eat healthy, stay away from simple sugars and sodas, take a multivitamin every day. Force yourself to take daily walk or do some form of moderate exercise and stay intellectually occupied. I hope this helped. Good luck to you.
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