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Abscess after quitting IV drug use?

Ok Ive been using. Drugs for 9yrs I've been on suboxone and subutex for about 4 out of the 9yrs and lemme tell  u it all led to the same path as any other drug abusing snorting selling buying ppl wanting them me being short every month! Well for theist 7 months iny acctive addiction I started shooting up well I Haven't used in 18 Days  but I've noticed an abscess growing on my leg n my hand swelling up now these r the last two places I've shot up so could. This stuff happen even after quiting or is it something else?
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I am very glad that you stopped using and please share your new found wisdom with my readers here. But ir is extremely important that you see a physician as soon as possible to treat your infection. You may be able to get by with just oral antibiotics, but it is entirely possible that upon examination they may decide that you may need IV antibiotics. Please do not wait. You do not want it to get any worse.
Take care of yourself and when you are better take a look at my blog about Naltrexone therapy which can help you stay clean. Good luck.
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Thank you I've finally given in I'm handing it over to a higher power and Changing my way obviously my way isn't quite working out I've been to detox 3x's rehab once I've tried quitting at home about 4x's through the detoxing and rehab n my 2nd suboxone dr required na meetings and through all of that I had a drug and alcohol councilor I went to meetings at 1st just to tell my dr. I was their about a yr of just showing up to one a week I finally have in n got a sponsor n I actually started seeing n listening  n realizing that could be me I could actually be happy n not sick or paranoid or shameful of my actions! So at my 3rd trip into detox I finally said enough is enough n started working a vigorous program in my 19 days of being clean I've been to 23 meetings n seen 100s of addicts and although every ones story is different we all have the same ending n I hope that someone on here gets the MSG bc if I can do it anyone can it's their if you want the help! I'm live by the saying Let Go n Let God! It may not make sense to an active addict but when you're ready to get clean n live a new way a of life you'll def understand it
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Thank you for your inspirational words. I know they mean a lot to a lot of people. Please stay on the general forum and give your support to others. Through that you also get strength to continue on your own journey to health and wholeness.  Keep in touch.

Dr. Julia
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