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Alcoholism and Type 1 Diabetes

I love my boyfriend so much. I am very worried about him. He has Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes and is an alcoholic. He consumes an average of 6-12 beers per day.
I have researched Diabetes extensively. I have also researched Alcoholism.
I know that he has to make the decision for himself that he is going to quit drinking.
I was hoping to show him some of the responses from this forum.
Are you a person who has experienced both Diabetes and Alcoholism? Do you love someone who has been through this?
Can you give information about complications or dangers of this combination?
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I am a recovering person, so I have an understanding off addiction from two different perspectives-- as addict and as doctor.  But I have not personally dealt with diabetes.

Having diabetes can be a very difficult, as you know.  Young people with the condition logically have anger inside, and anger and resentments can fuel alcohol use.  Alcohol also becomes a way to block the fear and other feelings that are part of having a chronic illness.
Your bf must realize, though, that he has a dangerous illness.  I realize that he doesn’t ‘deserve’ to have diabetes; and it is natural to be angry and to have fears.  But the alcohol WILL make the diabetes worse—in many ways.  

People often stop drinking or drugs because of bad consequences.  You, Elsa, might want to look at your relationship and see if you are somehow helping him continue drinking.  And at some point you might consider leaving;  Most people become by babysitting a drunk every night. I could see how the diabetes might make you feel guilty, to go find your own happiness.  But it just might be losing you that convinces him to become sober.
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