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Can mental illnesses be genetic?

My mom is 55 and she is starting to think really crazy. She is starting to say weird stuff like her family were satanists and they tried doing sacrifices on her and did sexual things to her. She says that my dads family prepared a cave for all of it and she also says that this actor Russell Means is her real father ( He is Native American and she is White). The thing is, she is just remembering all of this stuff now and she never brought this up before. She has always been really weird and it seems like she has something wrong with her if you ever met her in person. Its hard to explain, she is just really weird and her dad (Her REAL dad, not Russell Means) was just like her. Her brothers are also kinda weird.

She also has a TON of physical problems such as Scoliosis in her back, bad knee, bad neck, and she is a little over weight but she can't lose the wait no matter how much she exercises. She is just weird in general, it's almost as if she was born with defects, is that possible?
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As far as I know most mental illnesses that are genetic start in late teens and early twenties. However, genetic peculiarities are just that, genetic. I am not an expert on genetic psychiatry, so I would encourage you to take your question to Depression/Anxiety/Mental Health Expert Forum.
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