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Fetish addiction
Dear doctor,
    Im a 37 yr old male and I have a high-heels fetish, to an extent that it is almost an addiction (Im not sure)

I get immense pleasure and I have been visiting some dominatrices (4-8 times a year).
When Im not visiting, Im browsing internet for foot or heel fetish videos.
(I dont care for vaginal sex or other forms of sexual exposure but my fear is having these fetish-encounters is at some point going to lead to something serious and undesirable)

I use this fetish/fetish-porn/masturbation (female-feet, high heels and female dominance only) habit as an escape/excuse from any simple form of stress. I had stopped this for about 1 year but I started again.

This is causing a dent in my wallet, stress in my family and career.
The extent goes up and down, it is high at some time and low at other times.

Is there a solution/cure?

Best Regards
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