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Fiorinal w/codeine

Posted By Bert Brewer on August 02, 1999 at 20:30:21
I have had classic migraines on a fairly regular basis since about age 12. Until a few years ago, I normally had about two per month. However, as the stress of my job and family demands has mounted, and following a severe back & neck injury (four years ago)resulting in chronic spondilolysis, I began to have more headaches, both migraines and severe tension-type headaches. In response to this, I began to use more and more Fiorinal with codeine. (I have tried many, many other migraine drugs, but no other has been reliably effective.) The step to dependency was natural enough, as the drug helps both my headaches and the frequent bouts of back pain, enabling me to function reasonably well. At any rate, I now average about one pill per day; some days none, other days (when a real migraine strikes- maybe once every two weeks) as many as six. My HMO, of course, has been instrumental in keeping my physician's hands tied as far as non-drug therapies are concerned. My question, then, is two-fold:
1. Is my current usage high enough to be considered a physical dependency, with all its perils and side effects? Or is it more an issue of "mind over matter" in my case?
2. Is there another alternative drug, safe for long-term frequent usage, that might be helpful in combatting my various pains?
   Sorry to be so long-winded; I am very frustrated, but seemingly unable to get on top of this myself...

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