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Geodon and Psilocybin

So I'm taking 40mg of Geodon for bipolar, though no psychotic symptoms.  Now I know bipolar alone should deter me from taking mushrooms, and honestly I'm sure it will.  And I know mixing recreational drugs with psychatric meds is a bad idea.  Nevertheess, I have a question concerning the interaction between Geodon and psilocybin.  From what I've read, psilocybin is an agonist to the 5HT2 serotonin receptor, which I assume means that it increases serotonin.  However, I know that Geodon is an antagonist to the 5HT2 receptor.  Would this mean that the Geodon would cancel the hallucinogenic affects of psilocybin? What are the other possible complications between Geodon and psilocybin, or in what other ways could Geodon impact the experience?
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I have to agree with Eagle.  Don't forget-- it isn't just about which receptors and how much/how little stimulation, but also the 'where' question.  all medications will have different patterns of passing through the 'blood brain barrier', including some variability between patients in that effect.  Plus, the effects of the ligands at their receptors goes beyond simply agonism and antagonism and their respective effects on electric currents.  For example, some of the receptors blocked by geodon are 'presynaptic' receptors;  this induces... what, exactly?  It effects the release of other transmitters-- that is what most people think about and that is a straightforward effect.  But that presynaptic binding may do many other things as well.  It may cause greater or lesser release of completely different transmitters.

My point is that these effects are way to complicated to reduce to comparing similar actions at one receptor to similar actions at a similar receptor.  Im confused just writing this, for pete's sake!  But your general principles ARE good ones... that these are complicated meds that can have a range of actions, and I would recommend against combining them in yourself in order to get one response or another.  Don't you have a nice pet guinea pig to play with?
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You make a huge leap of faith when you connect the geodon with the hallucinogenic affects of psilocybin. The geodon will not cancel out the hallucinogenic affects of psilocybin.
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