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Getting help for an addict with TBI

My boyfriend was in a wreck in 2004 was actually DOA went into comma never thought he would live if so would be a vegetable, but luckily if u met him on the street u would have no idea.  With the TBI he has the compulsive behavior along with a few other behavioral and memory problems.  We now know he should have went to a center for acute TBI but was never informed of this.  He has become addicted to oxys since the accident and now does them intravenously, and at extremely high doses talking 500 to 600 in 24 hours (is trying to taper down).  Can you recommend any treatment centers that specialize in addicts with TBI no longer acute that accepts medicaid in or around missouri.  He has been through regular rehab a few times.  We have been told that will be hard for him to quit until he gets help with the TBI first.
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The combination of TBI and addiction is very difficult to treat.  I do not know of specialized centers for that combination, but as both are unfortunately all too common, most large treatment centers or University-based programs would have experience with the combination.  There are a few medications that reduce impulsive behavior to some extent-- primarily the atypical antipsychotics-- but they are not much of a match for opiate dependence.  As you mention that he has been through several treatments already, he may have to consider a maintenance program at some point-- not a great option in TBI either, but it beats using IV oxycodone, which carries the risk of sudden death with each dose.  Either methadone or Suboxone would raise his tolerance to a level where overdose becomes less of a threat.  
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just looked at your other post, and saw your loved one has other issues, do you have a charter behavioral health near you?
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sorry to the doctor, this post was also in our forum, i thought i was posting over there
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surprisingly never heard of it, and i have been through website after website found everything possible around us i think what is charter behavioral health, do they specialize in situations such as this
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