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I take Tramadol 50mg, about 12 to 15 a day, for about a year now and I want to stop taking  them!!!!!!!!! Can somebody please tell me how?
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Please see my note to the post just before this one.  Your best bet for the initial step-- the detox-- is either in a hospital or having a good friend control the pills for you, someplace where you cannot get any more.  You need to treat yourself like a 2-y-o child-- a drug-free environment where you cannot find something to use.  Reduce by about one pill every day, and within a couple weeks you will be off the tramadol.  Expect to feel sick-- you have a life-threatening illness, after all.  It always hurts to get better.

Then, I urge you to pay attention to my last post.
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hi thanks alot, i will try to do that I just dont trust myself. I was wondering if it's safe to quit cold turkey?
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You can NOT quit tramadol cold turkey!
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Wow. I'm surprised you have not had seizures. And yes, do NOT do cold turkey with this. Also do not mix anything when trying to come off this without consulting a doctor it may be fatal.
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Alot of people quit tramadol cold turkey. I did, after 14 months of 8 50mgs a day. Its rough, no doubt about it, but it can be done. A PA specialist in addiction medicine told me any opiate withdrawal isn't life threatening. But detoxing from benzodiazepines CAN be life threatening if not done with physician's assistance.

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