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Hangovers worsening?


Ive been drinking for 4-5 years now and and for about about a year now if i drink heavily 3+ nights in a row i get anxiety, depression, rapid heartbeat, trouble breathing (I have Asthma if thats why) and a few other symptoms. Lately my hangovers are getting worse though like when i try to sleep and it feels like im going to choke or have a heart attack or seizure (if thats possible)  this doesnt happen if drink lightly 3 nights or heavily 1 night but i was wondering if i quit drinking for awhile then start again later if my symptoms will lessen or not. Thanks
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What you need to do and as soon as possible is cut down your drinking. Alcohol consumption has been shown to be beneficial in moderate amounts. However, we forget that moderate amount for a woman is only a half a glass (4oz!) of wine a day and for a man a full glass of wine a day. Anything above that amount becomes detrimental to your health and certainly the amounts you are describing lead to dangerous long term central nervous system damage, liver damage, heart muscle injury which can be irreversible, etc.
Your body needs vitamins that it is lacking due to chronic alcohol abuse and care that it has been lacking. You need to see a physician and get a thorough physical.  Good luck.
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