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How long does methadone withdrawal symptoms last?

My husband was on methadone for 5 months (constant this time) and went cold turkey on 25mg 4 days ago. I'm wondering how long the symptoms will last for him. We're doing the Thomas recipe or something with all the vitamins and such and also he basically lives in a hot jet bath tub. I just want to know how long it'll last and if there's anything else I can do to help? I don't want him to use Valium or Xanax or suboxen becauSe he has such an addictive personality and he'll just replace methadone with something else and I'm trying to avoid him being on anything due to the fact were having a child and him & I would like for him to be completely clean which is why we went cold turkey on the methadone. Some say after the 4 day it tends to get better depending on what dose he was at and how long he was on it for. If there's ANY advice or anything someone can share please do. I feel like I'm the bad person because there's nothing I can do to help with the pain and cravings. I kicked methadone and it took me 2 weeks but I wasn't on it as long as he was and I had my mind set I needed/wanted to get clean. I know everyone's different but just needing reassurance that in the end he'll be ok
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Usually the 4 days that you mention are for other short term opiates. Methadone in most cases are a few weeks withdrawal.
It seems like you have all the vitamins , minerals and directions. There is not set rule of how long and how bad withdrawal can be.
I hope he has a speedy and easy one.
God Bless you both.
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