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Hi, I am currentlly taking suboxone and zomig. I recently took a hair test and was positive for barbituates. The hair test lab refuses to tell me if either could show as a barbituate. I really need an answer for mine and my duaghters sake. I am currently in a custody battle and this does not look good. I know thats all Ive taken I just don't understand how this could have showed up. I really appreciate your time.
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There is no barbiturate in either of those medications.  Suboxone contains buprenorphine, which can show up as an opiate on some tests, and naloxone, which is not a controlled substance and does not cross react in tests that I have heard of.  And zomig is a 'triptan' that has no narcotic or barbiturate in the formulation.  

Are you certain that is all you have taken?  One common migraine med that WOULD show a barbiturate is fiorinal;  another name is 'butalbital'.  
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