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I want to quit..But its so hard...

Hi everyone I am new to this site and I am an addict I started using Cocaine in Jan 2004 and it stopped getting me high so i changed to heroin i used all the time i was starting to lose my self and my kids so i quit in Oct of 05 Have not used it since . But since then I used narcotics everyday and I have had alot of trauma in my life abuse of my ex's being a single parent and learning to understand why i want to be numb all the time . I am in a relationship with a great man he is very loving recently I quit smoking and taking narcotics and i am ashamed to even say what i am hooked on now all i can say is its the devil and i want to quit so bad ...I need advice on how to get off this Meth please....anyone
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I was assuming methamphetamine as well; that is a horrible drug to quit, but worse, it is associated with severe malnutrition that destroys a person's body in short order.

You are a good example of why I am not into spending too much time on tapering plans, etc... you have been through cocaine, then H, now maybe meth...  this is 'cross addiction' on display.  The character defects that lead you to use will only lead you to the next substance should you kick this one.  There is an answer, and a solution;  the solution is to seek treatment for ADDICTION-- not for 'meth addiction' or H addiction or cocaine addiction.  You need to find Recovery from ALL of your addictions-- and Recovery IS possible if a person wants it bad enough.  When you want it so bad that you make it the FIRST thing in your life-- above everything and everyone-- it will be there waiting for you, whether you go to at least one meeting per day, or go into residential treatment (many counties have free care, if you seek it out).  But if you think you can be the same person and simply quit using-- you will be unsuccessful.
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I am just assuming that you mean methadone? Please advise if its the other meth - - and let us know how much for how long .... what you were replacing with it..... I wont lie or sugar coat things - - methadone is a hard one to quit and it has legs...it hangs on.  That said - there are several here that did quit the meth successfully ..I was one .... some others will also chime in I am sure......... you can make yourself more comfortable while taking care of business and you canget lots of advice here................use immodium for runs, emetrol for stomach, 800mg ibuprophen for aches, heating pad or electric blanket for leg/abdomin cramps muscle aches, use hot showers frequently for enerything,  Check out the Thomas Recipe and the Amino Acid Protocols and try and follow them ... they are valid - - and good luck to you!
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With all due respect to the above poster, I have not seen the amino acid protocols effectively help anyone. perhaps, there will be a placebo effect and that is just as good as anything.  I am guessing however that you are referring to methamphetamine ---i wish you all the luck in the world.
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I have to agree with dave on the Thomas Recipe and the amino's.....I think the whole thing is a joke and to advise to use other additive meds is irresponsible !  I like to know where and who this Thomas guy is so I can spank his butt....

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I work with young adults in a theraputic environment and many of the patients I work directly suffer from addiction.  Dr. Junig is so correct about stressing the the importance of understanding that all addicts have cross addiction and once you kick one you pick up another addiction because everything is used to numb pain from the past.  You need intense theraputic help... you have, from what it sounds like years of abuse that build and build upon your "core issues" that are the reason why you started using in the first place.  It is important for you to know this... by nature we do not hate ourselves.  All the things that we tell ourselves that we hate and why we are not worthy of certain things come from someone in the past (negative self-talk).  It is not you.  WE DO NOT HATE YOURSELVES, WE LEARN TO HATE OURSELVES BY REPEATING WHAT OTHERS HAVE TOLD US.  So the next time you start hating on yourself remember its not you, its not the specific event that is occuring now, it is something in Your past that makes you believe what you are believing.  Go to NA/AA and work the serentity prayer.  I also see that you live in Provo, UT which has a few intense residential treatment centers so you must have a large number of highly educated people in your community that know and understand cross addictions.  Go and get help... leaving pride beside means you chose your kids and your boyfriend.  We repeat all behaviors so the past will come back if you don't make the first steps now, finding your core issues.   And yes, all the numbing you have done for years by drugs is going to make you feel horrible and want to use again because it is easier to not feel than to feel.  But once you move through all the different steps and phases of understanding and recovery you might learn to accept, let go and love yourself.    
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Dr. Junig,
Your comment was very affirming to read.  I couldn't agree more, and think you really gave great advice.  My son started using my meds for pain from a back injury that occurred a few years ago.  He found ways to sneak them, find them, open safes, you name it - because he became quickly addicted.  I have gone through this for quite a while, and did my best to help him through every possible method.  But, the one thing I always told him was that he would  - do exactly what he wanted to do.  If he wanted to be "clean" bad enough - then even withdrawal symptoms wouldn't stop him.  If he wanted the "escape" (which was why his addiction happened), then no matter what anyone did, and no matter what treatments were given, offered, etc., he would still use.  He finally truly understood that it was about choice - not will power.  When I finally quit smoking (25 years ago), it was easy, because I truly wanted it bad enough.  All the other times, someone else wanted it for me - didn't work.

Lostsoulz, I wish you the best, and hope you discover the person you truly want to be.  I hope it's freedom you want.  Freedom from the control of someone or something else is a good thing.  The Dr. gave great advice.  Blessings to you, Jan

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