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I'm afraid to stop drinking

Subject: I'm afraid to stop drinking

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I don't know if I drink enough to have withdrawals when I stop.
I usually drink 6 to 8 beers every night. Sometimes I skip a
day or two. I have been drinking like this for 2 years,
but I have been drinking pretty steady since I was 17
years old. (I am 30 now) About a year ago I realized that I can't
seem to live without alcohol.
It scared me. I am afraid to try and stop cold turkey. I eat
good every day and I am in pretty good health so far. Do you
think I would have severe withdrawals if I stopped? My dad died
of alcoholism and my mother and grandfather is an alcoholic.
I know I don't have much of a chance but I am willing to change
if I can. I am just so afraid of withdrawals. Help me please.

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