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Kidneys Hurt-Opiate Addict Clean 66 days

I've been clean 66 days now and have had blood drawn 3x during that clean time.  My blood work was good.
Liver and kidneys checked.  I took milk thistle to protect my liver before and after becoming addicted.  Took more milk thistle and other nutrititional supplements after becoming addicted and snowballing in qtys.
I also made it a point to drink at least two (33 liter) bottles of distilled water or more every day when using.
Now, I am having to make myself get that much down but doing pretty good.
My kidneys hurt.  Am I cleansing all the meds out of me?
Was on hydrocodone (10's and lots of them), 80 mg of anti-depressant, and 300 mg/3x/day of gabapentin.
I abused the AD and Gaba meds as I w/drew from opiates like a fool.
I'm just trying to verify if kidneys hurting is a normal part of opiate addiction w/drwl/healing process?
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No, kidney pain is not normal pain during opiate withdrawal, especially this late in the game. Please check this out with your primary physician.
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