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Meds for Oxycodone Addiction

Hey all,
I've been addicted to oxycodone since age 14. I'm age 27 now and ready to put this behind me. I've lost everything because of it. I've lost my family, friends, multiple good jobs, lost my good credit, and it all of a sudden dawned on me that I'm an addict and its the source of my problems. I'm gonna call a methadone/sub clinic Monday. I do have chronic pain, I was shot with a 12 gauge shotgun in july 2011 and it really messed me up. Do you think a Dr. would be willing to give me a chance and prescribe Methodone or Subs? I know its trading one thing for another, but with my anxiety disorder, I don't think I can go cold turkey, and at least methadone/subs would be legal and cost me much much less. Thanks.
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I am so glad that you understand that you will be trading one addiction for another. Is it really what you want to do? You are only 27 years old. If you truly have issues with chronic pain, like you mentioned, why not seek help in a pain clinic instead of the street. Oxys are expensive as you said, and they have cost you everything, but is trading an illegal habit for a legal one the answer? Are you using you chronic pain here only as an excuse to continue? If you want to continue using than by all means, legal drugs are cheaper and much less trouble. However, they also do not give you the euphoria of the Oxys, they are both long lasting medications. Methadone needs to be taken daily at the clinic to which you will be tied to for the rest of your life, no vacations to Disney land. Suboxone is more expensive, you need to wait until you are experiencing some withdrawals before your first dose otherwise it will cause withdrawals, and it is extremely hard to get off of. On top of it, it is hardly without side effects, do your research.
At 27 your life is only beginning, we hope, don't you want to give yourself a chance at a clean and healthy one? Please click on my name in blue, read my blogs, click on my clinic logo to find out more. Do your research before you make your decision. My best wishes to you this holiday season.
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I am addicted to Oxycontin (REAL Oxycontin, not the half-strength 'OP' things you get in the US which I was sent by a friend in a time of great need; they also have awful GI side effects that the oxy everybody else gets do not initiate), have been for years and you know - I could not care less. They are the best analgesics I have ever had in 30+ years of chronic pain, long acting (though nowhere even close to the 12 hrs claimed on the box & PIL, and they are not nearly as desirable for abuse as most of the alternatives - I can not understand how Americans go on about oxy when it is one of the LEAST likely to be abused. Diconal gives euphoria like nothing else and is IMO the opiood of choice for recreation. Closely behind are Palfium; then of course there are Heroin hydrochloride, not that many folk are ptrscribed the powder but the 10mg tabs are SOOO easy to separate because none of the binders/fillers bar lactose are water soluble and producing an injectable solution of great strength is therefore simple. Orally of course they have very low bioavailability, as do IR morphine sulphate (branded SEVREDOL by Napp in the UK) 50/20/10mg. Both morphine and heroin tablets give much more euphoria and sedation - I find oxy the most UNSEDATING of all opioids - more warm fuzzies than anything except Palladone caps (hydromorphone) insufflated, which is, after a 30/40mg Diconal dose, my 'recreational' opioid. Certainly were I to have the misfortune to live in the US (only advantage medically being that Soma is not yet banned like everywhere else forcing us to buy poor quality from IOPs & availability of oxymorphone by Roxane, the American subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim, makers of the great Lendormin - an analgesic which, if one avoids the dreadful brand 'Opana', gives the same relief using only a 10 & a 5mg tablet, for 4-5 hrs, as 60mg Oxynorm or nearly 200mg MS. Without any of the euphoric thing or desirable sedation. Just plain pain relief. Why it is only licenced there I do not know.
Methadone is a menace. Cumulative, more addictive than any other opioid and responsible for more deaths annually than any other analgesic, the most diverted of all thanks to the sheer amount of people on stupidly large amounts for addiction to the currently available illicit heroin base which has dropped in the last 10 yrs from average 60% purity to less than 30% - I hear in the US it is even lower - often the first opioid used by schoolkids, and a real killer responsible for far more death than any other, Rx or street, drug except paracetamol (acetaminophen) which should be a Sch 2 med such is its hepatotoxicity and its prevalence in the deaths of mainly young females 12-18 yrs old 'crying for help'. Thank God dextropropoxyphene is banned as that was the worst combination of all...
No, I am on the big purple ones, Oxycontin 120mg bd and it is a boon. You can not get rral oxy in the US since 3/4 years, the pretend stuff requires double dosing compared to 'OC' tabs, 120s are not even sold there; anybody with real pain MUST be using IR oxycodone rather than wasting money in the country with the most expensive meds on earth and the poorest quality generics I have ever seen (alprazolam being prime example. The most dispensed are Sandiz US GG249 2mg
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(Sorry pressed 'post' by mistake)
Yes. Sandoz GG249, one of the poorest quality anxiolytics I have used - Ksalol 1mg is vastly superior and the only alprazolam anywhere close to European quality is Greenstone G3721/3722, actual Xanax being beyond the reach of ordinary peoples' pockets.
But I digress.
It's just it angers me that a former addict who uses a proper low abuse analgesic like Oxycontin has to read about someone considering ultra high dosage of Subutex, a partial agonist which, incidentally is far easier to quit than any full agonist unlike the misled nurse's answer suggests, or the worst opipid on the market, the lipid soluble, most addictive, most difficult to quit with worst and longest withdrawals, the list goes on, to help stop a pretendy version of oxycodone which is completely undesirable to any opioid user.
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Opiate is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced! well yes I do agree that it is trading one addiction for another, methadone or suboxone are much healthier for you as well as it being monitored by your doctor or a clinic. it is possible to quit an opiate addiction without things like methadone or suboxone but it is difficult and has a high failure rate. some people can do it and only do it once and stay clean for the rest of their lives while others like myself need the help of these medications to fully kick the habit. you are always going to find mixed opinions about these medications, the only way to really decide what is best for you is to research it for yourself to talk to doctors or clinics. going on methadone or suboxone does not make you a weak person, just making the choice to get help and quit is a  hard decision to make, hell just admitting that you have a problem makes you stronger, when done right and under the supervision of a doctor and working the program to get clean methadone and suboxone can and have been a lifesaver. don't let peoples negative judgments affect your decision to at least check it out. good luck
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