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Methadone a Withdrawal/RLS

I went cold turkey from 30 mg. of methadone 38 days ago and for the most part I feel pretty good. I still have an upset stomach but the main problem is pain and restlessness in my arms and legs. I'm worried that it's permanent or something. Is it normal to still have rls this long into detox?

Please answer.. I'm really ready to give in and go back to methadone because I feel it'll never end.
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Please do not give up, it will only get better from here if you give yourself a chance. When you take opiates for a long time like you have, your body's physiology has been altered. Your central nervous system has created a multitude of opioid receptors that all are screaming for endorphins (opiates) to fill them, but your body has now forgotten how to make them by itself. Methadone is a very long acting opiate with high affinity to the receptors. It will take time -  four to six weeks at least, for your receptors to down-regulate (for the brain begin to heal) and to start making its own endorphins. Brain heals pretty slowly, so it may take you as long as a couple of months to get rid of feelings of sluggishness, restlessness and depression. The best thing you can do is take good care of yourself, eat healthy food, stay hydrated, keep active and busy. Stay away from sugar, soda, and simple carbs. Do not consume caffeine at least 6 hours prior to bedtime.
Take a look at my blogs about options for detox and recovery. You may also take a look at my clinic website where I also have my blogs and a lot of other info about drug addiction and recovery. Look especially into the blog and the info on Naltrexone therapy after getting clean. It really improves your chances of staying clean for good by cutting down your physical cravings. Look into my clinic website as well. All this can be done by clicking on my name in blue and on clinic logo.
There is an injectable form available now that is covered by all major medical insurances called Vivitrol that you would need to get only once monthly to stay clean. Just keep it in mind for the future. Good luck to you.
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Unfortunately it is normal. It takes 60 to 90 days to fully detox from methadone. I'm on day 48 and I still suffer. I wake up every morning with diarrhea and a weak stomach. I have discomfort in my legs but I have been able to sleep the past 3 nights. It does get better even if its small progress. You've come to far. Hang tight. And don't give up. You didn't just use for 38 days, its going to take a little longer. But you got this!!!! Hold on. And talk to Gnarly_1. He can provide hope and peace. He is where we want to be.
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Thank you! Today is day 40 for me1
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