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Methadone maitnace treatment PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Ive abused drugs from everything to cocaine ,herion,lsd,oxycottin,vikes,perks,everything for 15 years. I entered a methadone program 3 years ago and havnt did anyhing but the methadone. When I first started I was in bad shape and within a month and 1/2 my dose was 570mg aday, over the 3 years Ive gotten it down to 350mg. Do you belive this is being what we call clean and sober? I have a terible fear if I dcide to taper off and go it alone ill start to use again. Some of the old timers down there tell me they have been on it most of their life and will be. Im 41 and come from a famaily where everyone is addicted to drugs or has overdosed and died from drugs. I know the dangers of useing street drugs the rest of my life"witch wouldnt be long". How do you feel about a patient being on a supervised program for what could be the next 20-40 years? Im terrified of useing street dope and buying pills again. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am shocked at the levels of methadone you describe--  I have never heard of a methadone program prescribing anywhere near 500 mg per day!  Even 350 mg is very high-- I have never worked for a methadone clinic, but I generally see people coming in for detox from lower levels.

There are two general options;  one is to go in to a detox facility and ************** center and ask for help;  the other is to work with the methadone clinic, slowly over time-- although some clinics are more reputable than others.  The general timetable for tapering methadone is to reduce by 10% of the current dose each month;  the process takes a long time, and requires a great deal of patience.  

You have already made progress, and I congratulate you for that-- I know that it can be very difficult at times.  Try to keep a long-range view in mind.  I'm sorry-- there is just no easier way.
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