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Was taking Hydrocodone (10-325 @ 2 every 4 hrs) for about 2 months prior to shoulder surgery.  Had the surgery  and continued the dosage through for two weeks.  Decided to go CT 96 hours ago and that is when I took my last pill because I didnt like how they were making me feel at all.  Have only slept for about 3 hours since I took the last one and generally I feel like laying in traffic would feel even better.  I do feel a little better every day but I really need some real sleep soon.  My should hurst a little but nothing I cant manage without the meds.  Just started taking Ibuprofen.  I started reading about how to get off this stuff way too late it seems and I should have gone about it a different way.  However, after 96 hours and still feeling pretty horrible I am think what a shame it would be to start taking them again just to taper off slowly.  Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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Stay strong...try to endure it and within another couple of days, this should be behind you.  I know it is hard, but it really is so worth it.  

If you take another Hydrocodone at this time, you will only be starting over again.  Try to soak in warm baths, do not drink anything with caffeine, no sugars and try to go on walks throughout the day.  In order to rest or sleep, you can maybe try Advil PM to help with the muscle discomfort and rest.

Good luck and keep pushing through!
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I wanted to take a minute and respond back to you since you were kind enough to respond to me in the first place.  Last night I finally got my first whole nights sleep and it was AWESOME.   All symptoms are gone now with the exception of the memmory.  I think when I have my other shoulder operated on, I will just find another way to get through the pain.  Maybe order a TENS unit, that really seemed to help during therapy with ice.  I wont be taking that other mess again.  Thanks again for your response.
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