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Pls Help! 32weeks Preg. and on methadone

I'am 31-32 weeks pregnant and on 32mg. Of methadone a day. I was addicted to narcos and got help from doctor at a recovery clinic. He put me on methadone and I haven't touched any pain killers since. I'm staying on a low dose of 32mg. And trying to go down in mg. As much as I can without going into withdrawls. My OB and reg. Doc. Know I'm on methadone, I've told all doc. And have been very honest so my baby will get the proper help he needs for when he is born and if he has any withdrawls. But my question is, even though all doctors are informed of my methadone use will the hospital have to report me to CPS? I am in counceling and attending N/A meetings and have a plan in place with my doc. that after baby is born to slowly taper me down to get off methadone. I work very hard every day to do everything possible to help my recovery and be as healthy as possible for myself and my baby. I'M SO SCARED FOR MY BABY TO go through WITHRAWLS AND WILL I BE REPORTED TO CPS? EVEN THOUGH ALL DOCTORS KNOW THAT I'AM ON METHADONE AND I'M in N/A and see a counceler? Pls help with any advice? I'm so scared for me and my baby...Pls HELP ME! Thank you, gtowngirl
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