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Pregnancy detox

Im pregnant and detoxing and very scared im againt methadome cuz my son was born on it. I dnt know how far along i am wat are my options please help
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I feel very strongly that methadone is not the best choice for drug treatment during pregnancy. I am sure you want what is best for your baby and so do I. Methadone is an opiate, very long acting one and very addictive. You are still opiate dependent and if you continue to be on methadone through your pregnancy, your child will also be born opiate dependent. Your baby will be in withdrawals after birth and will have be spend time in the Neonatal ICU to go through those withdrawal. If you choose to nurse your baby while you are still on methadone, there have been documented cases of babies dieing due to respiratory suppression (they stop breathing).
You need to get your OB/GYN involved in this and if s/he is not familiar with this process, find one who is. You should not be on methadone during pregnancy. The standard of care for pregnant addicted women is Suboxone or Subutex taper, even though maintenance Suboxone or Subutex is still considered safer than methadone because of much less risk of the respiratory suppression.
Please get a second opinion   before you get yourself and your baby into a whole lot of trouble.  Your baby deserves to be in your loving arms, being nursed at your breast right after it is born, not being for days or weeks in the NICU, not able to go home with you.
Good luck and stay safe.
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I need help detoxing of opiates too im 9Weeks any suggestions ? Were to start Cuz the rehab I wnet to wouldnt detox me using any medications, n I cant do it cold turkey ! Help !
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I strongly suggest. U go to a suboxone clinic they will give u subutex ive been on it my hole.pregnancy im solid in recovery but i had refused methadone so i can help u find a clinic let me no how it goes
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