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Psylocibin and Asenapine

I am bipolar type II, and interested in taking psylocibin. I take 15mg of asenapine nightly and am wondering how my antipsychotics would  affect the psylocibin I plan to ingest. I am of sound body and mind and this is not my first time at the rodeo so please no comments about taking hallucinogenics despite being on antipsychotics. I am not looking for therapy I am looking for hard scientific data. thank you for your time
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You wanted had data? Take a look at these scientific articles, each of them showing that patient with underlining psychiatric conditions are at high risk for long -term  psychotic episodes from psylocibin ingestion. Have fun.

Vollenweider FX, Vollenweider-Scherpenhuyzen MF, Babler A, Vogel H, Hell D. (1998). "Psilocybin induces schizophrenia-like psychosis in humans via a serotonin-2 agonist action". NeuroReport 9 (17): 3897–902.
Hyde C, Glancy P, Omerod P, Hall D, Taylor GS. (1978). "Abuse of indigenous psilocybin mushrooms: a new fashion and some psychiatric complications". British Journal of Psychiatry 132 (6): 602–4. doi:10.1192/bjp.132.6.602
Peden NR, Pringle SD, Crooks J. (1982). "The problem of psilocybin mushroom abuse". Human Toxicology 1 (4): 417–24.
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This is not what I asked for at all. I've never had a psychotic episode, have had mushrooms multiple times, and haven't taken them in two years.  Your articles refer to abuse.  Downvote for didactic and not following the rubric. Thank you for absolutely wasting my time
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