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Re: bad hangovers
Posted By rebecca on April 26, 1999 at 17:41:32
Topic Area: Alcoholism
i have drank for several years i got hangovers but now no matter how little or how much i drink the next day i am beyond sick i will trow up sometimes 30 times run a fever and can't really even sit up without being dizzy what could make things go this bad  i don;t drink all that often every few months or so
Ditto. My hangovers last for days sometimes even if I only drank a little. I get shaky and feel horrible. I don't usually vomit so much though. I really wish someone could answer why this happens. The other thing I experience is that I feel strange when i drink and must in fact drink more so I can drink. What that means is that when i choose to drink I must either continue or just go home and sleep otherwise I feel foggy.Tell me if you get any answers.

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