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Posted by Vicky on July 26, 1999 at 17:52:04

My husband, age 36, is an alcoholic. And for the last few years, he has
talked and walked in his sleep. But it is getting much worse. He does some
STRANGE things, that dont even make any sence. And sometimes it is kinda spooky.
He roams around, like he dont know where he is, and even talkes back to me. But
i never know if he is awake or asleep alot of the times. I am worried that all
this crazy stuff has to do with his drinking and his health. Can the drinking
affect his brain in this way? I mean i know the drinking is bad enough, But is
this a sign of something else going on? I am getting very worried and scared.
Please help!

Posted by SA, M.D. - HVMA on August 01, 1999 at 11:10:19

Dear Vicky,

Drinking alcohol, especially lots of it, can disrupt sleep and aggravate
underlying sleep disorders. Alcohol probably does play a role in your husband's
nightime activities. It sounds like he needs serious help to stop drinking. Once
he does so his sleep can be monitored and evaluated and, if he does suffer from
a bona fide sleep disorder, treatment suggestions could be made. But, as they
say in AA, first things first!

Good luck!


Keywords: alcoholism, sleep disorder, parasomnia, blackout, blackouts

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