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Suboxone effecting weight

How can I counteract the weight gain that seems to go along with my suboxone. I know the subs are the case because I went off of them for 2 weeks and continued my low carb eating that I have always done (I have been a low carb eater for years) and started losing the weight. Some things in my life happened and I knew I needed to get back on the subs so I went back on them, continued my low carb eating ways and have gained back 6 lbs in a week. Is there something natural I can take to comabt this? Is it water weight? It really makes me so depressed and I just want to jump off the wagon and say screw it. I cant stand gaining weight like this even if it is just water weight. I hope I get an answer for this because I have searched all over the internet and cant find anything and all my sub dr says is the subs should not be putting weight on me. help
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Suboxone usually does what other opiates do-- it doesn't so much as put weight on as prevent weight loss.  When i was using and then in detox I lost 30 pounds from being sick all the time;  my appetite didn't come back for weeks and weeks.  So the Suboxone might just be restoring your normal appetite-- and the weight loss while off them was the effects of no appetite from opiate withdrawal.

As for the 'just screw it' comment, and as a psychiatrist, I urge you to take a good look at that thought, because those sorts of thoughts are what lead to people destroying themselves.  The way to lose weight is to exercise and eat less and eat more healthy;  those things would be a better idea than simply relapsing or putting yourself in a dangerous position.

Even if Suboxone was causing the weight gain, I consider it to be pretty small side effects for a treatment for a fatal illness.  Compared to chemo, Suboxone is a good deal.
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Thank you for your reply. I have one last question. you metioned that opiates prevent weight loss. So with that thought there as long as I am on the suboxone I wont be able to lose the weight even on a strict diet and excercise routine? Or is it still possible to lose the weight maybe just at a slower rate?

Thanks again for your info. I find myself getting really depressed with the weight gain.
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