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Dear Doctor, I was perscribed Tramadol for my back along with some hydrocodone for my back surgery coming up on May 6th. Then I started reading how awful it is to get off of Tramadol. I never abused it, or got high off of it. Just want to stop before I get in too deep. My question is , will I have withdrawals from 3 months of this drug. I asked my Pharmacist and he said I probably wouldn't due to that it has been 32 hours since I touched a pill. He said due to the half life it would take about 40 hours to detox at my dose I was taking, which was 200 mg a day.

Thanks Jeff
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If you take tramadol daily for more than a week or so, you will have 'discontinuation symptoms' or withdrawal.  But you can avoid most of those symptoms by lowering the dose over time-- say by taking half of your dose for a few days, then half again of that dose for a few days, and so on.  The problem is that SOME people cannot taper off medications that have addictive properties. I myself am one of 'those' people;  I know from experience that if I take something that has an addictive quality to it, I will have a lot of trouble stopping it.  So I have to avoid taking those types of substances.  But those without addictive disorders don't have the same trouble stopping tramadol

Even though tramadol has a short half-life, the withdrawal may be delayed by a day or two.  For most substances, the withdrawal doesn't kick in when the substance is gone;  it kicks in a couple days after the blood level is significantly reduced.  People who stop drinking alcohol, for example, clear the alcohol from their bodies very quickly-- certainly within 24 hours.  But the withdrawal takes 2-3 days to start, and peaks as much as 4-6 days later.  

In your case, if you start having discontinuation symptoms, I would suggest taking about half of what you WERE taking, and stay on that dose for a few days.  Then cut that in half for three more days, and then stop.  Your symptoms will be minimal if you follow that schedule.
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Ive been taking Tramadol and Hydrocodone together for about three months off and on, perscribed of course, then I started reading how bad withdrawals can be from the Tramadol, so I quit taking it cold turkey with little side effects. Now I'm getting ready to quit this Hydrocodone, just a little scared from withdrawal and what to expect. will it be bad after just three months. averaged about 40 mgs. daily. I heard the Tramadol was worse, but it was nothing. Any thoughts

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