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Vicadin Withdrawls

I have been taking Vicadin 7.5's for around two years now due to blown out knee, migraines, broken tailbone June 24th of this year & sinus surgery. My knee is ok, migraines are gone, tailbone is still hurting but I think that may be an on again off again problem from what I hear. My Vicadin usage is around 2 to 4 pills per day. I cannot take any anti-inflamitories since I take Lithium, Lexapro & Lamictil for bipolar. I haven't taken Vicadin for around five days now and I am a mess. I'm crying, not eating, have had thoughts of suicide (ok now), and I am still sleeping all day and night. The holidays have never been a great time for me and this is what I am thinking is going on - biplar episode. After reading different posts on medhelp I'm wondering if I'm going through withdrawls. Could this be possible? I don't know what withdrawls from pain pills feel like. Please comment if you have any suggestions on withdrawls or how I get out of this "funk". I think my family is becoming disgusted with me but I don't have the energy to do ANYTHING! I don't care because I'm sleeping most of the time.
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Even though your dose of vicodin is relatively low, your long period of use has likely resulted in some withdrawal.  There are also different aspects to withdrawal, including physical withdrawal which would mainly consist of diarrhea, body aches, insomnia, and intense fatigue;  psychological withdrawal which would be primarily agitation and depression; and finally something called 'PAWS' or 'post acute withdrawal syndrome'.

You may have an element of 'addiction' that is extending, and will extend, for longer than than will physical withdrawal.  This is a very complicated thing to understand and discuss, but a person becomes 'attached' to taking the substance for reasons far beyond a desire for pain relief.  One way to understand addiction is to compare it to a bad romance with the substance--  stopping vicodin has many of the same effects as would happen if you just went through a break-up with an emotionally abusive partner-- even though it is good to be 'free', there is a strange pull to get back together...  and you are left feeling emotionally exhausted.

The treatment for that type of thing is, in my opinion, best found in doing step-work.  Do you need a 12-step group?  Probably not... but would involvement in a good 12-step group make you happier, give you some energy, and helpf you feel less alone?  Almost certainly... provided you went with an open mind, looking for things to like rather than looking for things that annoy you.

For now, a good sleep pattern, some gentle exercise, and a good diet will probably get you feeling better in another week or so.

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I have been through numerous vicodin withdrawal episodes.....you are definately experiencing those symptoms.  It takes time to heal.  Doc has good suggestions, add to that take vitamins, avoid coffee or other stimulants, avoid fatty foods and junk food.  Drink lots of water and take hot soaking baths.  Don't take any meds you don't absolutley need.  Many of the drugs prescribed today are only adding to the problem of a lack of whole health.
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