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Vision Adjustment-Opiate Addiction

I am clean 65 days now, but continue to have a lot of days (not usually two in a row) where my vision is blurry even with my glasses on.  I have a 3 to 4 yr old Rx but don't want to spend the money getting them checked if they will still do some adjusting.  Still have lots of insomnia......up at night till 3 am reading a book or on laptop, as well.

I was on a lot of hydrocodone's, 80 mg of anti-depressants, and gabapentin 300 mg/3x day.
I abused the AD and Gaba meds while w/drawing from opiates.  Like a fool, popped 20 mg AD's (same kind of AD but not the 80 mg prescribed dose) and a 300 mg Gaba every hr or two for days.
Obviously, my neurotransmitters are way messed up and need to heal.  I was in a bad accident in 2008 and damaged my retina and cornea in one eye, but was given prednisone drops and it seemed to heal fine.
I also have astigmatism in at least one eye.  Also, two disc/cage replacements in my back 14 mos ago.

How long should I allow for healing before getting new Rx?
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  How fast the transition  process takes is based on each person’s metabolism. You have to consider if you are getting better day by day…If you are not , then is time to see a doctor , specially having medical issues with your eyes in the past. Regardless you have succeeded and that is a great thing. Congratulations.
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