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Watching a loved one go thru delirium tremens

The past few days might have been the most hardest days of my life ( mind you I have had my fair share of realy bad days ! ) I have been watching my 48 year old mother go thru DTs. I dont know what kind of rock I have been living under but I had no idea that this happens !! We went to the hospital 4 days ago for a cat scratch on her hand that got massively infected to the dr telling her her liver is shot ! Guess thats what happens when you drink a 18 pack a day and take pain pills on top of it. We are now on the 3rd day of and this has been the worst day yet. It is so hard to watch someone you love go thru this. I have recorded her the past two days. They say you do not remember any thing when you come to but I will remember this the rest of my life !! Has any one else gone thru this ? Should I show her the video's if and when she gets out of this ? Sorry for my horrible spelling !!
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Alcohol can cause great and irreversible damage to human body. Liver is slowly being disintegrated, which can lead to cirrhosis and late esophageal varices and gastric bleeding. There are many other problems that are caused by alcohol, but I mentioned this particular one because most alcoholics die from bleeding to death. Abrupt withdrawal from alcohol can also be very dangerous and even deadly. So all in all, it is a very bad drug.
There is a new FDA approved treatment now and most insurances cover it. It is an injection called Vivitrol. I highly recommend that you and your mom look into it. It works for a full month and can be repeated as many times as needed.  It will take away your mom's drive to drink as well as make her feel unwell and not drunk if she does choose to take a drink.
You can also encourage her to join a AA group to talk her issues out and do show her the video. Good luck.
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I am not sure there is a question here for me. I feel very badly for you. Did you post this on a general Addiction forum? This is the "Expert forum". Do you have a specific question for me as a doctor? If you do please come back and ask me again. But I think a video is a great idea. I wish you and your mom the very best.
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this question was already addressed.
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