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hole in my nose..should I be concerned?

Back in 2006 I did cocaine for about 3 months.  I had never done cocaine before, and locked myself in my house and did it every day (and night).  I was depressed..yadda yadda...point is, I did it-and a lot. I did not know you could "rinse your nose out"...after snorting a line..and kind of clean your nose out.  It got so bad, that I couldn't breath..and that was the only time I stopped, because my nose was so clogged up, that I couldn't snort. As soon as it would clear up, I would start again. SO..that being said...after it bleeding, scabbing up..ect.. I have a hole about as big around as the end of my pinky in my nose. I mean, when I put my pinky in my nose (I know, gross..but I am trying to measure the size)...the "pad" of my pinky finger fits in. So is isn't as big as my pinky..but you get the idea.

So I am concerned about this. Someone said that I needed to get it fixed, because it could eventually kill me.  I have not touched cocaine since (and do not plan to).  But I am worried that if I do not get this fixed, something could happen.  I am a stay at home mom and I plan on being here for my son as long as possible. Of course I am worried about EVERYTHING I did to my body when I was younger...that I cannot even get checked (as I have no insurance).

So can someone please give me a serious answer...please.  I have no insurance, so if this is something that I do not be overly concerned about, it would put my mind at ease. But every time I get a cold, I am worried that the whole might get bigger and bigger... and (as someone said) I would eventually die.  

True or false?  PLEASE HELP :)

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wow... yeah, I am the one that has issues?  And you go around leaving rude comments?   I had a simple, serious question...and you had to respond and act like a 12 year old.  Obviously you have the "mental issues" or you wouldn't be going around making rude comments.  Also, learn how to speak proper English if you are going to try to bash someone.  The last part of your sentence makes no sense..so sorry, it is hard for me to even take you seriously. Actually, it is amusing. Get a life and a clue!
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I know someone that has no carlage left in the nose from snorting and her nose look funny now .it colapsed.but she did not stop .I would stop for sure.cause u will end up with none .but I dont think u will die.
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im so glad im canadian because the u.s pepole have such a hard time to get fixed .its all about money .it aint no land of the free in my eyes.I hope u are ok but u wont die.thats bull crap.so relax
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