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lortab withdrawals

I am having severe anxiety after stopping lortab 10mgs. had been taking them for 2 yrs. besides the anxiety, all the other side effects have plagued me,  just guessing  how long does it take your receptors to start working rght.  I c/t off of them march 21,2011
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If you stay away from opioids completely, you should start feeling better by a couple months.  Remember, though, that for several years your mind was constantly filled with obsessions for opioids;  now you will be experiencing emotions much more than you used to, since your mind will be free to worry about life.  The new life is all about 'living life on life's terms.'  The goal is to learn to accept your emotions, and tolerate anxiety.  Feelings have no REAL power, and if you learn to tolerate your feelings and use them properly-- i.e. to help guide you to correct actions, and to provide richness to life's experiences-- then sobriety becomes a real gift.
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