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prescribed methadone & xanax effect on driving?

My friend has been on 280mg methadone and xanax (?mg) for years to treat her chronic pancriatitus... Granted, she lives where there are horrible drivers as is, however, I can't help but feel her driving only makes, what's already a bad situation, worse.. Nonetheless, she defends herself/her driving from a place of plenty fine articulation, as for how it's always the other persons fault, aside from her defensivness, in and of itself, around the topic in general.. Anyways, it became apparent that I feared for my life each time I got in the car with her.. I'd appreciate any insight into how these drugs truly may be effecting her judgment, regardless of how cognitivly communicative & 'with it' she, otherwise, seems to appear/come across? Thank you for your time.
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Yes, you are right. Both methadone and xanax cause cognitive impairment and decision making ability.  It is your choice to not get into the car with your friend. I would not.
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you may actually want to tell your friend that she WILL get a dwi if she does get in an accident whether it is her fault or not.  you are not legally allowed to operate a car on narcotics.  i have seen people spend time in jails and prisons for this
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