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tramadol addict

I have been a 'functioning addict ' for most of my life, I was addicted to pain meds such as hydrocodone, and it almost ruined my life, I was a nurse for 20 years and went to jail, for forging prescriptions, in turn I lost my nursing license. I am now addicted to Tramadol, I've been taking it for about three years, and I am so sick of the constant worring about how I'm gonna get more, I have 'doctor shopped' which is a joke, they usually only give me 30-50 at a time, that only lasts me about three days or so. I order them on web sites but that gets very expensive, when you are going through 180 pills a weekl, thats almost 500.00 a month!
I really want to get off of this horrible drug, but I can not function without them, I work in customer service, and the thought of not having them to get through the phone calls at work,I don't think I could do it. I've ran out a couple times and it was hell, I really thought about suicide, and at night my flesh would crawl, and intense aching! When I was getting off Hydrocodone, that was a cake walk compared to Tramadol withdrawl!  I would really like to hear from other people in my situation, I need some support, I don't have anyone that I can share this misery with, and I need advice how to ever get off this stuff, without losing my mind!!
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I'm trying to figure out, after reading your story, how you can consider yourself to be 'functional'!  You say you can't live without them-- it doesn't appear that you are living very well WITH them.

Every addict plans the 'self taper', even after trying it and failing a dozen times.  You need help.  I strongly recommend getting it sooner, on YOUR terms, than later, on the terms of your local district attorney.    Take a leave of absence and enter detox and treatment.

The way to self taper from tramadol is to realize that the drug has two things to withdraw from-- the mu opioid effects, which Suboxone can help with, and the serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake blockade, which an SSRI will help with.  I would put you on a serotonin med AS YOU STOP the tramadol-- as both can cause serotonin syndrome and seizures.  I would use Suboxone at the same time. This is a dangerous thing to do, though, and is best done in a detox unit;  I've done it with outpatients only if they have a person who can monitor them and control the medications.  If you don't find a doc willing to help with that, find a detox unit-- and get help.
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I completely understand. I to have an addiction to Oxy and I want and need to get off it. I have tried Suboxin before and it did work with no pain or bad withdrawl symptoms except depression. I got it off the street and read on the internet how to take it. I think it was a 8mg sub.  Anyway, you just take a tini piece of it a couple of times a day. Just enough so that you feel ok. You wont get high off it, its an opiod blocker. They said dont take it longer than 5 days or you can get addicted to it too. Then what are you going to do. Anyway, I tried it for 5 days and on the 5th day I felt pretty good. I just started being around it and started doing it again. Stupidly. I judt know it works though. I need to find a way to get some myself, I just have no insurance and don't know if a hospital dr.  will give it to me. I live in Vancouver, WA if anyone has a good dr. to go to or way to get suboxin it the best way to get off the ****. I just know I'd get addicted to methadone too.
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