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Acth is high but cortisol is normal

hey, can you please help me, am very scared , my acth plasma is high which is 71.20 pg/ml
but my cortisol level is normal . morning is 17.84 ug/dL
and evening is 11.71 ug/dL
my symptoms is weight loss, darkning of face, acne which is not going away , and acne scars become dark brown, chest pain, oily skin,( fatigue few days before not now )
my question is , is this addsion disease or what , am very scared , what i saw that low level cortisol and high acth means addison but my cortisol level is normal, can u please tell me
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Please help
You need more testing. One set of testing is not enough. I am not sure the evening test was normal as it was pretty close to the morning level.
I would find a good endocrine doctor and get more testing.
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In evening i ate food 1 hour before of testing
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Now am feeling extreme nausea and loss of appetite!!
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Testing has to be in the morning, 8 am fasting.
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