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Addison's Disease?

I am really hoping someone can help me. I feel like I am losing my mind!
I have auto-immune hypothyroidism and iron deficiency anaemia.  I am on medication for both and both are under control. Over the past few weeks I have been increasingly tired, lethargic, low in mood, nauseous and have been getting quite bad headaches and aching limbs with back pain and intermittent pain in my hip joints.  I also have patches of brown skin on my face, the backs of my hands and my wrists.  I went to my GP as everything I have read is pointing to Addison's Disease.  However, because my blood pressure is normal, he refused to test for Addison's.  Is it possible to have normal blood pressure and still have Addison's?
Thank you
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Yes. Find a doctor skilled in the diagnosis. Also look back at past blood tests and see if you have off sodium and/potassium readings.
Brown patches can also be diabetes! In any case, you need more testing.
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