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Addisons and hypothyroid doses

I take 5mg prednisone at 6 AM, and 150mcg T4 at 10 PM.  But if I exercise, I have to take an additional dose of 10 Mcg of T3 and 2.5 or 5 mg of prednisone.  Does this sound reasonable?
I just did 2 days as a ski patroller (cold weather, strenuous) and felt great with the added 5 mg of prednisone.  In the past, I've crashed at 3 PM.  I'm female, 145 lbs.  

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I would up sodium? I would also stress dose in hydrocortisone and nor prednisone as prednisone takes an average of 4 hours to kick in while HC kicks in immediately and so you need HC on hand for emergency use.
Do you have an emergency kit with shot?
Thanks.  I'm Secondary Addisons so sodium is not a huge problem.  I use HC for short-term needs and emergencies.  I don't have an emergency kit since I don't collapse.  I just get low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and very cold (temps 95 - 96) and tired.
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