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Addisons and seizures

Has anyone else with Addisons been diagnosed with epilepsy.  My daughter was diagnosed with Addisons 5 years ago and has struggled with multiple other issues such as UTI’s, bacteria infections, ocular migraines and now epilepsy.  I personally don’t think she has epilepsy but she started having seizures and was put on seizure medicine to control the seizures.  That was about 5 months ago and her seizures have just gotten worse and more frequent.  I am concerned that her primary Dr., Endocrinologist and neurologist are not communicating and reviewing her history to find the real source of these seizures and that her and our concerns are being dismissed and she is being sent home with medicine after medicine with no results, she just keeps getting worse and the Doctors have started to ignore her calls for help and are not doing any test to continue to find the problem they just hand her another drug to take and then they just move on without continuing to try to help her. I am just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues?
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