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I suddenly developed a number of symptoms when my father became terminally ill about 6 months ago.He died 2 months after this but the symptoms remain and are not improving -persistent burning pain under and below my ribs, other lower abdominal pain, fatigue, weight loss (over a stone), nausea, lightheadeness, pigmentation on my lower lip, difficulty in sleeping and/or sleeping for 8/9 hours and still feeling tired. I've had an abdominal ultra sound and numerous blood tests inc FBC, thyroid, U & E all all of which have been normal. I'm also waiting for the results of an abdominal CT scan and colonoscopy. I have a history of low blood pressure and numerous abdominal problems over a period of 30 years - acid reflux, IBS  and acid indigestion and I do find it difficult to cope with stress. My GP and hospital consultant are baffled and have (understandably) suggested that the symptoms could be stress related. I'm 60 years old with no major health problems e.g. heart, circulation, lungs, eat healthily, exercise regularly, never smoked and drink in moderation. Could I have Addison's Disease?  
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Do you crave salt?

Addison's is a salt wasting disease - so you would have at some set of testing some low sodium and some issues with potassium (either high or low). Low BP is typical too.  But while weight loss and nausea are typical, I don't think the GI symptoms are - but it could be that you have two concurrent issues (can happen!).

Have you seen a rheumy? It could be that you have some auto-immune component that is not diagnosed?
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Hi sueh 143.

A few things to look into:
1.Underlying causative factors of IBS. Leaky gut syndrome (PEG urine test), gut dysbiosis, fungal imbalance/ candida (saliva test -self test indicative, not diagnostic),H. pylori, other. ( holistic doctor or ND)

2. Acid reflux, acid indigestion
The symptoms of GERD are almost the same whether  caused by LOW  or high gastric acid levels. Low acid is much more prevalent, specially as we age. Conventional treatment is anti-acid medications  or PPIs to lower gastric acid. Wrong treatment if you already have low acid  with serious consequences!
You may want to look into  the Betaine HCL challenge or the baking soda
burp test, something you can do  on your own.

3. You need a Holistic Doctor/Practitioner ( outside NHS) to help you rule out adrenal fatigue stage 1 (slight adrenal imbalance), stage 2 ( moderate)
or stage 3 ( adrenal exhaustion)
Pass this stage it is chronic adrenal insufficiency or Addison's.

Below I have included an Adrenal Questionnaire which may be indicative of adrenal fatigue, more like a preliminary test.

Adrenal Questionnaire  

Read each question carefully, and record the number next to a question if it applies to you. When you finish, add up the numbers you have recorded.

Do you experience fatigue? 3  

Do you have allergies? 3  

Do you have asthma? 3  

Do you have recurrent infections? 3  

Are you under severe emotional stress? 3  

Do you suffer from chronic pain or physical stress? 3  

Do you have low blood pressure? 2  

Do you have a low pulse rate (<70/min with no exercise)? 2  

Do you feel faint when you rise quickly? 2  

Do you experience depressed moods? 2  

Do you experience joint pain? 2  

Do you have muscle pain? 2  

Do you have low libido? 2  

Do you have hair loss? 2  

Do you have anxiety attacks? 2

TOTAL SCORE _______  

12 adrenal fatigue very likely

The next step is to consider having an "Adrenal Stress Profile", through the Holistic or Naturopathic Doctor. (Unfortunately conventional medicine does not recognize Adrenal imbalances at any level until Addison's disease is present, which unfortunately is a chronic condition).

I would also recommend you look into the "GI Pathogen Screen",  especially if your cortisol levels come back low.
Cortisol regulates the immune cells in our gut so when cortisol is depleted those cells become dysregulated, making us more susceptible to pathogens like bacteria, yeast, and parasites. Very suspect!

And speaking of low cortisol levels, should this be the case for you,
(I suspect this based on the info you posted), your thyroid function
would be also impaired, so you need to have this checked "Properly", by having Free T3, Free T4 and reverse T3 tested. Any other testing is not reliable. Note: Attempting to treat any thyroid dysfunction prior to restoring adrenal function is not recommended as it could lead to further dysfunction
of both thyroid and adrenals!

Your tests so far may have not produced reliable and useful results.
It happens more often than not. If you like to have details regarding this,
I will need from you the exact tests, the results and the lab ranges.

There are many possibilities,but to my opinion what I suggested above should be investigated and ruled out or treated.

I hope this helps, however , this is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Should you have any questions or wish to comment, please post again.

Best wishes.

PS. I came across this post "accidentally", lol!

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