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I think I have Addison's Disease...

So this might be me overreacting and panicking for no reason but just hear me out lol. I've had this strange salty, powdery substance on/under my eyebrows for years,as well a discrease in appetite. I dismissed the lack of appetite as I've always been more of a "snacker" but the eyebrow thing started bothering me so I decided to do some research and here I am! In addition to the salt-eyebrow issue, about 8 months ago, I noticed several dark patches on my skin, about 6-7 on my stomach, 2 on my inner thigh, and about 3 on my calf. In addition, I've been struggling with fatigue, which I also dismissed as typical teenager struggles. I don't experience lightheadedness on a day to day basis, but I have noticed that I do get slightly dizzy once in a while. Other symptoms I've slowly been recognizing as not normal are minor hair loss, and possibly mild depression. Again I'm not even sure about any of this, I'm only sixteen and most likely over-thinking everything but I figured it wouldn't hurt to reach out to people who actually understand the condition before saying anything to my parents. Thank you in advance!
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If you are concerned, please see a doctor. I don’t know about the eyebrows as that is not anything I have heard before, the dark patches can also be diabetes.

See your doctor. Hopefully it is just overthinking.
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