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Who prescribed meds for Addison's disease, Indocranolgist or PCP?

My mom has Addison's disease and her PCP has been prescribing her medication. Her hydrocortisone and synthroid. Her PCP just dropped her and her indocranolgist refuses to write her prescriptions. Shouldn't he be the one prescribing them to begin with? Thank you for any help or advice.
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It should be the endocrine Doctor. The Pcp is not quite qualified to deal with all the special testing. She should find two new doctors in my opinion as a fellow patient. She needs regular testing and ongoing scripts.
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Thank you, and that is what I was thinking also. Unfortunately there are not many specialist in our state. Her health is steadily declining and I'm not sure what to do. We found out last year that she was misdiagnosed with Addison's disease. But after being treated for this long there is no turning back. Thanks again, calling her endocrine now
You mentioned"regular testing". The last time her endocrine checked her cortisone(or whatever it is) levels was four years ago.
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