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excessive sweating

I have MS and over 3 years was given  large doses of steroids {including 1,500 mg of steroids by infusion over 3 days twice } for uveitis in the eyes. I have now got Addisons' Disease and suffer from uncontrollable sweating day and night. I hardly go out now because for no reason I feel a prickling sensation on my forearms, neck and head, followed by the same all over my body including my legs and  huge drops of very salty sweat pour out of me, soaking my hair and dripping off my eyelashes and chin. Strangely my skin feels icecold while this is happening, whether it happens day or night. My doctor says he thinks it's caused by the steroids, my endocrinologist says she doesn't think it is, but neither of them has a solution for me. I have been on 5mg of prednisolone since it was found that I have Addisons, and I am having it changed to hydrocortisone  to see if that helps. Beta blockers seemed to help for a while and I was thrilled, but after a couple of weeks back came the sweats. Anyone else have this, or hopefully had it and can give me a solution?. I'm a pensioner and am sick of being looked at as though I.m an alcoholic in need od a drink when I venture out! LM
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Hi there...
If you check out Cushing's sites, a lot of us complain about the sweat. I used to sweat so much that I could not use any hair products as my hair would completely soak itself on the way to work, then I would get to work and it would dry in spikes and I would look like a porcupine. I would sit and it would leave a puddle. It was just awful.

It IS the steroids.

There is not much to do to stop it that I know - I used powders to help absorb a lot of it and dark clothing to try to hide it. Some of my docs said tannins - like in black tea can help so to soak in tea but that stains so it was not a very good solution. I used cooling neck things. But like you I had sweat so bad my glasses slipped off.

They say botox can help for a time, but really I would wonder if you have Cushing's instead of AI since the sweating is more a symptom on that side.

Sorry I don't have much help. :( I have a LOT of sympathy though.
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Eat more salt when you are sweating so hard. Your body is trying to raise its sodium level by dumping water.
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Yea guys I have same issue with the sweating. Like others I was at Kroger and had spell was sweating furiously and everyone was avoiding me like they thought I had flu or something. I have Addisons , MS, and COPD all of witch cause me to be weak,  shakes , light headed , when I got home my BP was 83/44 and temp was 99.6 and felt like blood sugar had droped ? This is an everyday issue for me , I feel like I am dying little everyday.
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It may be SALT more than sugar with a low BP like that.

You may need to talk to your doc about fludrocortisone to keep your BP up in a normal range, and up your sodium consumption. Also carry salt tablets. It is then easier to take salt when you feel wonky and get your BP up faster.

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Wow .....the only thing that I found that stops the sweat is Nabilone .5 mg twice daily. It took two days to stop completely. Hope this helps as I would not want them again.
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I have Addison's Disease and Hyperaldosteronism.  To stop the sweating you need to increase your Hydrocortisone.  When i try to reduce my hydrocortisone or I am late taking it........the sweating starts.    I take 20 mg per.  After increasing the medicine your sweating should stop within an hour or so.  Good luck.
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