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I really want to adopt a baby. I found some information in the Internet how to start with everything. Do you have any advices for me ?

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I don't have any advice but I just say congratulations on venturing to give a special child a special home.  Keep us posted on the process.
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Some times the best way is to go through your state foster care program.  They might not have any on line but that is because most babies are taken as foster children and when the parents give up there rights or lose them the foster parents get the choice to adopt them first. Go in as foster to adopt.  they pay for everything!!! keep a copy of it for your records. your back ground checks, medical checks, home inspection ect. this is what u will need for an agency too.   if u do the foster classes first at least it is paid for by the state. it will save u some money. We got our boys last march and had everything final by last week.  it was so exciting. They started out as our foster babies and we adopted them. We did foster to adopt. U can set your limits, age, race, health issues, abuse issues, mental issues, ect. Dont feel bad for them.  These boys know us as mommy and daddy. they were not new born but they were still little ( babies 1 and 2) . It is worth looking into.
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I am an adoptive mom. I would start by deciding whether you would want to adopt domestically or internationally. There are quite a few sites out there where you can compare the various aspects of both types of adoption. Adoption.com has lots of resources.  Then if you are ready to make a decision about international vs domestic, then decide what country (international) or what type of adoption domestically.  You could go through a foster to adopt program or go through a private agency.  There are open and closed adoptions.  You have lots of choices ahead of you, and I think a website with lots of resources could help you to narrow down some of those choices.  I wish you the very best! I am so happy my husband and I decided to become adoptive parents.  We adopted our little girl in 2006.  
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