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Anyone Adopting in 2012?

Any ladies out there working on a domestic or international adoption? We just submitted our application and I can't wait! I have lots of questions about home studies, fees, etc...
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I'm not adopting but wanted to wish you good luck!  :)
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My husband and I started the process September of 2010. We had our Home Study in October of 2010 and we were certified in March of 2011. We have been advertising since then. Unfortunetly we have not found a BM yet. But I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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not sure if Mradopt is looking for a baby.
but if you are and need help ....

if anyone needs a really good hearted man to help them find the perfect baby for them i know the best man. he helped my parents find me. he is a lovely man and has kept in touch with us. i also have the best parents i could have ever asked for and i am so lucky he found me. he is currently helping my older friend find a baby. and he does not charge what most agencies charge. he is worth calling. :) i can give you his name, number, and who he works with and anything else you may need.
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Thanks mary607 and mradopt!
Mary607, Im currently signed on with a lawyer so Im not looking for anyone else right now but I'll keep you in mind!
As for me, we are waiting for our references to come back and then we start the long wait for a birthmom. Im keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy match!
I hope you are all well!
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good luck!! :)
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Good luck to you!  My husband and I became adoptive parents in 2006.  If you have any questions at all (we adopted internationally) feel free to write me.
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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
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