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Finally.... My Dreams Are Coming True!

I finally received a call from my agency that we have been matched!  These past few days have been so emotional.  We spoke to our BM and she seems to be the sweetest and most beautiful person I have ever met.  

I keep reliving the moments of today when I spoke with my birthmom over the phone and she said you are having a son!!!!!  I couldn't stop the tears of Joy!!!!   That moment goes down as one of the happiest in my life!  I can't sleep and all I keep doing is reading all of the reviews available online for bassinets and cribs!  80)

I am a little nervous b/c she said she was prescribed Ambien to sleep.  One MD site said it was a level B according to the FDA which is okay.  But one site said it was a level C drug and that would mean it causes harm in pregnant animals and has not been tested on humans.  I am a bit concerned.  Any insight on this???

Additionally, I am deciding between strollers.  Any input??  I like the Bugaboos (although expensive) but they seem difficult to maneuver.  The Bob looks good too.  I want to be able to stroll anywhere and transport easily.  I guess I should get a jogger and a different stroller to go in and out of the car easily.  What are you planning?

My baby is due 8/4!  We are so excited!!!!  I love my BM!!!!!!

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Congrats!!! That's wonderful!! My dh and I are in the beginning process of IVF. If we cannot go the IVF route we will consider adoption. How long did the process take before you were matched? All the best to you!!
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That is really great news!! Congratulations!!!! I hope and pray that everything turns out just fine.

About the stroller...I don't know much about any of them, except one. I used an Eddie Bauer double stroller when my 2 youngest (they are a year apart) were little. I do NOT recommend that stroller whatsoever! That thing was hard to maneuver!! Given it was a double stroller though, and I don't know about the Eddie Bauer singles. When my oldest son was an infant, we used the Graco brand car seat/stroller combo. I really liked it and wish I hadn't gotten rid of it in a garage sale :)

Congratulations again!!
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Hi There,
Thanks for responding to my post!  B:  I tried IVF 3 times without success.  It caused major hardship and wouldn't wish infertility on anyone!  The adoption process from the beginning until being matched only took 3 months.  That match was not the best for us so we decided to decline it and wait to be chosen again (another month).  I wish I hadn't paid for all of those IVFs and just did the adoption from the beginning.  I would have a lot more banked for the baby!!!!   That does not mean of course, that you shouldn't try.  I wish you the best of luck.  I just dropped from the fertility forum.....

I:  Thanks for the info on the Eddie Bauer.  I WAS looking at that stroller but forget it now. *0)   Thanks!!!  I am looking at Graco and a few others that friends are recommending.  So many to choose from!!

Well, we got a call from the agency today that I am freaking out over.  They wont tell me what is going on until my DH can be here too!  OMG  I hope it has nothing to do with the BM changing her mind!   That would kill us!
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All I can say is don't forget the birth mother.  She is the reason that you will have a son.  Don't forget her, this is going to be the hardest thing for her to go through.  I am a birthmother and the worst pain for me was that no one understood what it was like to let you child go.  If you could and she wants them, send her pictures, updates ect..  Please don't forget what she is doing, I was forgotten.

Be prepared for her to change her mind.  It is different when you have your child and see your baby.  I would have keep my son if it wasn't for my parents forcing me to give him up for adoption.  I had my son when I was 14, 4 days before my 15th birthday.  
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I just wanted to post and say how happy I am for you!  I followed your journey on the fertility site for a long time and I am so thrilled for you!!!

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What happened with the phone call?? Was everything okay?
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