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Found my brother, who was adopted

I just found out I have an older brother who was put up for adoption by my parents when they were 16.  I found out about a year ago when my mom told me, however my dad does not know that i know. He is my full-blood brother, as my parents ended up staying together and later in life had me and my little brother.
It was a closed adoption and his parents changed his name, and i recently found it along with his phone number.
My mom wants me to call him, I checked if he has a facebook and he doesnt.  He is currently 27 years old.  I dont want to freak him out, or just barge on into his life...i simply want to make sure he is ok and see if he is happy.  How do I come in contact? I want to call him on the phone, but what do i say? I know some people are sensitive about adoption, so i dont want to hurt him.  Any suggetions would be great, becuase im really nervous/excited!
He knows that me and my little brother exist and that we are fully blood related.  apperently his reaction when he found out is that he thought it was cool.  
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You should call him. Just explain who you are. Tell him what you told us you wanted to know about him. Good luck!
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Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He will be delighted to hear from you. Don't deprive him of that pleasure.
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