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Funding for adoptions

I've scoured the internet to get ideas for raising money for adopting a child. My main problem is you can't apply for grants until you do a home  study and I don't have $3300 for a home study plus $1500 for the first part of the application fee for a specific child I am looking at and in 30 days I need another $2000 for the other half of the application fee plus $200 for a certified mailing fee.

Does anyone know where you can go to get grants/donations/fundraising for the $$ you need BEFORE and for the home study??
Also, any suggestions for grants to apply for would be great too.  I have several, but the more money we can get the better!
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How has everything been going with this?
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I hope it's not too late to help, but I know how you feel! We were in the same situation, although our fees were a lot less: $250 app fee/$1000home study... we ran into the same situation with no grants to apply for before home study complete. Since we had it done, we applied for a TON of them, and were denied them all. There are just so many people that apply for grants, that you can't really rely on them. That said, its definitely worht it to try. Google these: parenthood for me; show hope; katelynns fund; helpusadopt.org; perpetual change. All names of grants you can apply for. There are a lot more out there, but it all depends on the type of adoption you are doing, if you qualify. Also, we did many fundraisers including a benefit meal, mystery dinner parties (unique and a lot of fun!), recycled old ink cartridges and cell phones (recyclerewards.com), and the always popular selling items.
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