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I was adopted at a young age only my my father natural mother is here but wanting to contact my brother?

I'm not really sure where to post this but here seems ok?So i was adopted by my now father when i was really young my mother is my bio mom but at 13 i found out my father or so i thought was my father wasnt.By tha time i knew it was to late to meet my bio father he had passed away.I have a sister and brother on my bio dads side.I have only met my sister once n lost contact i am wanting to meet my brother and grandparents but have no clue how to get in contact with them.I feel as if there is a big peice of my life thats left out and i want to try and fix that. I am afraid of rejection but that is a chance i am so willing to take but what i am asking is if any1 could help me contact my bio family and fill all tha missing parts and questions i have had since i was 13.If any1 can be of any help please contact me i would greatly appreciate it.
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My reply has to do with the question of whether you will be rejected by your biological father's family. My brother has two adopted daughters. Like you, as they grew up they wanted to find their biological parents. My brother helped them do just that. The older girl's biological family was delighted to know her, and both of the parents turned out to be very nice people. The second daughter's quest was less successful. Her biological mother was happy to have her back, but her half siblings were very jealous, which makes the relationship rather uncomfortable. The father was nowhere to be found. However, both girls are glad their search was successful. An additional benefit to the oldest girl was being alerted to a genetic condition (which she found she had).
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And here is another story that should interest you. A few years ago my son-in-law found he had a 12-year-old daughter he never knew existed. He was overjoyed. Since then he has been a great influence in her life. His family welcomed her gladly and my family, though no blood relation, welcomed her as well. She is now 22. A lovely girl with a bright future, thanks to her dad.
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